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Bridgeway Bagel and Coffee

Waking up to a beautiful Saturday morning in the Bay, I knew two things for sure: 1) I wanted to visit Muir Woods and 2) I wanted the best bagel in Marin County. Enter Bridgeway Bagel and Coffee.

There are some mornings that are ripe for meandering and traveling the Bay are countryside. As I woke up to such a particular lazy Saturday morning, I knew two important facts:

  1. I was going to drive to Muir Woods.
  2. I wanted a lox on a bagel. But – not just on any type of bagel. No, I wanted the best: New York style everything bagel with outstanding cream cheese.

After a quick search for a bagel place in Marin County, specifically in Sausalito, the answer was clear: Bridgeway Bagel and Coffee.

I arrived at the counter a little over an hour later. Immediately, I was filled with all of the goodness and breakfast magic that bagels give my life. After staring at the menu, I chose the Lox on a Bagel (onion, capers, tomatoes, cream cheese, everything bagel). As my order was made and wrapped in foil, I savored the feeling of enjoying it while sitting between giant sequoias in the Woods.

However – as life would have it, parking at Muir Woods the day before Super Bowl 50 was full. So, I ended up enjoying one of the best bagels I’ve ever had the pleasure of savoring – with a cappuccino from Equator Coffee –Β  at Muir Woods Beach.

Funny, how my life works out. Oftentimes, even better than I could possibly expect.

One important thing: Bridgeway Bagel and Coffee is cash only.

Worth every cent.