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Cafe Buna

Cafe Buna is a lovely gem of a hidden breakfast and brunch hot spot in Marina Del Rey.

When Joshua suggested meeting at Cafe Buna for breakfast, I was intrigued. Finding a place that I haven’t visited can be challenging. So, after relatively quick Friday morning trip (thanks, Waze)  I was happy and sanely in Marina del Rey, parked and ready to eat.

The short wait for my dining companion allowed me to converse with my extremely friendly waitress. After asking about the Hawaiian French toast plate, she suggested another option. Why don’t I get an eggs plate? But, sub the eggs for fruit, the toast for a side of Hawaiian french toast and enjoy the hash browns as well?


I was in awe. A breakfast joint in Marina del Rey that welcomed substitutions? Plus, a waitress that directly assisted in getting me the best value for my money? Did I accidentally drive to Neverland and was this a gift from my Fairy Godmother? Nope, it was just how things are done at Cafe Buna.

In short, what I ordered didn’t specifically have a name. But, the sliced strawberries, hash browns, three spicy turkey patties and two pieces of Hawaiian french toast were greatly, exceptionally appreciated. My coffee cup was never empty. I found a new favorite breakfast spot in Marina del Rey.