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Fatamorgana Gelato

This gluten free gelato shop in the heart of Studio City offers 66 flavors of creamy, tasty dessert goodness.

After meeting for an afternoon coffee at Alfred’s, Katharine and I decided to talk and walk down Ventura Boulevard. Walking down a familiar street, you suddenly find yourself noticing little stores and places you NEVER noice while driving by.

So, when we walked past a lovely store front with colorful gelato, I became curious. Soon, we were inside.

The distinctive difference between Fatamorgana and other creameries is simple: 12 different flavors of chocolate. It is a chocolate lover’s dream.

After taste testing a few flavors, I settled on a two scoop delight: a scoop of tiramisu gelato paired with a scoop of ricotta cheese with figsΒ gelato.

Absolutely delicious. It was the perfect accidental delight for a post coffee walk.