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Ferrara Bakery and Cafe

His desire for a classic slice of New York pizza led us to explore Little Italy. Our walk led him to want ice cream. Ice cream turned into me saying “You can get ice cream anywhere! What about a cannoli?” Which led us to Ferrara – where he got both a cannoli and ice cream.

Walking around Little Italy, Onnik and I vibed on the beautiful, picture perfect sky and the stellar scene before me. Wanting a classic New York experience, he wanted to find a classic, giant single slice pizza place. But, our early breakfast at Balthazar still had us walking down Canal Street well before 11am.

Soon, that desire for pizza to go transformed into a desire for something sweet. Ice cream. Ice cream? Come on! We were in Little Italy. You can get ice cream anywhere. But, you know what you can’t get in Los Angeles?

A bonafide New York, made in Little Italy, authentic cannoli.

We stopped our walking on Grand Street as I checked my phone. After comparing a few places, I realized that obsessing about finding the perfect place was fruitless. I stopped, looked up and realized that the answer was right in front of us: Ferrara Bakery and Cafe.

Entering the cafe, I felt a sense of familiarity. Standing in line, I stared at the bakery display. In the back, I noticed a giant cannoli filled with little cannolis. It looked like a cannoli mothership of decadence. For a fleeting moment, I imagined myself with that in my arms, handing out cannolis to unsuspecting passerbies like a cannoli fairy. That would be epic. But, it wasn’t going to happen.

Once at the counter, he ordered a small bag of candies for later, a small ice cream and two small cannolis. I chose a simple little cannoli. Outside, we sat on a bench and enjoyed our treats. The sun shone. The streets bustled as officials closed off streets and made a path for the day’s Pride Parade. It was a perfect.

Later, I visited the Ferrara website to see how I could get a small batch of cannolis shipped to Los Angeles. Twelve cannolis plus $30 shipping for close to $100? I’m especially glad we made our stop that day.