Dessert,  Eat & Drink

Max Brenner – Union Square

Max Brenner offers many delectable dishes to savor. However, I suggest you skip the martinis and just order the chocolate fondue.

After a lovely early afternoon at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I knew that it was time for a late afternoon snack. He loves chocolate. If I could turn myself into a chocolate bunny that shat out cheese, he would love me more. So, after a rather long winded Lyft ride down FDR from the Upper East Side, we found ourselves seated at Max Brenner in Union Square.

Sitting down, we order the Classic European Fondue for Two (bananas, strawberries, chocolate chunk cookies, marshmallows and fluffy chocolate sponge cake) with dark and white chocolate. I also ordered the Classic Chocolate Martini (milk and white chocolate, vanilla, creme de cacao, garnished with a chocolate dipped strawberry).

The fondue was delivered in short order. We began dipping strawberries and savoring the chocolate as  I waited for the martini.

As we laughed over roasting marshmallows, I waited some more.

At one point, I turned my head toward the bar. I noticed a martini at the server pick up station. Chocolate with a strawberry on top. With intuitive instinct, I recognized it as mine. I even joked to him that I should just walk over and pick it up myself. I didn’t….

Once my martini it arrived – about 45 minutes later after ordering – I took a sip. My eyes rolled – hard. It was one of the most mediocre martinis I’ve ever had. How can I have waited so long for something so unremarkable? The saving grace of the experience was the fondue – and each other’s company, of course. We joked and laughed as we dipped food items into the chocolate and caramel. The overall experience was delightful.

The martini was… forgettable. So, my advice?

Skip the martini. Just go for the chocolate.