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Scarlet Sage Herb Shop

Feeling in need of a mystical pick me up? Need a collection of loose leaf herbs for tea? Visit Scarlet Sage Herb Shop in San Francisco.

If there’s one word that can sum up this year for me, it would be: CHANGE. After noticing The Scarlet Sage store during my previous night’s dinner at Beretta, I knew that I had to return the next day. I walked in wanting an holistic approach to my anxiety about turning a year older, major upheaval and changes at my job and a need for feeling grounded.

After a quick Ayurveda consultation and meaningful conversation, I walked out with a collection of lose leaf herbs for tea (holy basil, skullcap, rose hips, acai berries) a flower essence (Yarrow), a collection of beautiful stationary for my birthday thank you cards (always send TY cards – I learned it while selling Girl Scout cookies) and a sense of grounded energetic focus and connection. Not only does Scarlet Sage has a bountiful collection of lose leaf herbs for your blending pleasure. But, it also has a well cultivated selection of metaphysical book and product lines (Kate’s Magick is phenomenal).