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The Boy & The Bear

A delicious cappuccino served in an open, expansive cafe within glimpse of the Pacific Ocean? This Southern Californian dream is real at this modern Redondo Beach coffee house.

After enjoying a delicious poke bowl from Jus Poke, I set a new goal for myself: find a new, independent coffee house where I could enjoy a great cup of coffee while writing. After a quick search, I was surprised to find a suitable solution less than a block away: The Boy & The Bear Coffee Roastery.

Upon entering, I was struck by how beautiful it was. Done up in earth rich tones of gold, black and brown, The The Boy & The Bear is an coffee house of refined luxury. Tables close to electrical outlets (always important for the remote worker) mix with comfy brown couches. The patterned floor makes a great background for even the most novice of Instagramable coffee photos. The blue of the Pacific Ocean glimmered from Carnelian Street.

But, the most important part? I enjoyed deliciously strong cappuccino – with complimentary wifi – within sight of the Pacific Ocean.