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The Posh Bagel

A wonderful, cloud filled and misty morning in the Bay Area always put me in mood for the most classic of New York inspired pairings: bagel with cream cheese and coffee.

Enter, the Posh Bagel, in Pleasant Hill. Parking was easy. Service was quick. In no time at all, I had an absolutely delicious breakfast of lox and cream cheese bagel on gourmet spinach artichoke bagel. With a small Kona blend coffee to perk my morning up, of course.

It was absolutely delicious. Honestly, one of the best bagels I’ve had in my bagel breakfast journeys. The lox was thick, the cream cheese was creamy and everything worked together for oral satisfaction.


Honestly, I wish I could find something as delicious and similar close to where I am in Los Angeles. Yes, we have Western Bagel and the like. However, there’s something about eating bagels in San Francisco and New York that makes mornings magical. They taste different. They feel different. It could be mental. However, I just feel that every time I find a new bagel place in the Bay Area (Bridgeway Bagel and Coffee) or in New York (Baz Bagels), it ends up the perfect delicious solution to my desire.

Ideally, I wanted to save my coffee and bagel to eat while in basking in the beauty of Muir Woods. But, neither items lasted the full length of the journey. I look forward to eating there again the next time I stay in Concord.